SSC Creates New Spreadsheet for Employee Awards - 05/18/10

The Shared Service Center (SSC) advises staff of a new Awards Upload Spreadsheet for loading employee awards to SAP. 

SSC believes the spreadsheet/template will create a savings for departments by decreasing the number of ADPAY forms to be prepared and approved. 

SSC says it will benefit too. It will continue its manual audit process; but once approved, the SSC will basically click a couple of buttons and the data entry will be complete. Keying those account numbers no longer will be required.

The link to the spreadsheet is included in Step 1 of the Employee Awards process, found on the People/Compensation processes page of Business @ Purdue. (Note: if an award is being funded from more than one account, the person should be listed twice on the spreadsheet with the appropriate amounts by account.)

Employee awards are monetary recognition for service and are included in the regular payroll check. They are not processed on an off-cycle, nor do they apply for student scholarship awards.

For more information, please contact Michelle Gentry, Human Resources (HR) appointment specialist; or Sandy Skiles, HR academic appointment and operations administrator.