Enhancement to Electronic I-9 System Results in New Capabilities for Completers - 04/3/12

A recent enhancement made to the Electronic I-9 system gives completers the capability to edit the date of hire after Section 2 has been signed on the electronic I-9 form. 

When the feature is used, a new Form I-9 PDF file is created with the previous hire date crossed out and the new hire date displayed above.

With regard to the new feature, Payroll urges completers to note:

  • Changing the hire date does not automatically submit the case to E-Verify. The I-9 completer must use the “Send to E-Verify” button to create an E-Verify case.

  • If there is an open E-Verify case for the employee, the feature is disabled.

  • I-9 completers are able to create impending cases only for those occurring up to 60 days in the future.

The enhancement went into effect Feb. 16.

Please direct Form I-9 questions to