Process Change for Adding PUIDs to Tax Forms Goes Into Effect - 09/27/12

As the University continues to protect sensitive data in its systems and looks for opportunities for improvement, a process change regarding imaging of W-4 and Wh-4 forms is being implemented immediately. The change calls for W-4s and Wh-4s to be indexed by PUID when imaged by Central Files staff.

Business office staff involved in the new hire process will need to collect PUIDs when employment forms are gathered. The PUID should be written on the W-4 and Wh-4 forms in the lower, left corner. Writing must be legible to ensure correct indexing of the form.

Most new employees are issued a PUID either through the student system or the “request for privileges” (R4P) process. If a new employee does not have a PUID, the Payroll Service Center (PASC) will have to process the paperwork, hold the tax forms until the PUID is in the system, and then write the number on the tax forms before sending to Central Files for imaging. If Central Files receives the tax forms without the PUID written on them, Central Files will return the forms to PASC.

Special Note: When staff update or change these forms, they do not necessarily process the forms through the business office and may send them directly to PASC. In those instances, PASC needs to look up the employee’s PUID and write it on the form before sending the form to Central Files for imaging.

This process change should be applied immediately, so managers need to ensure that their staff are aware of it.

Processes are being updated on Business @ Purdue to reflect the change.