Pay Practices, Timecard Procedures and Callback Policies During Snow Recesses Outlined in Documents Online - 02/3/11

Due to Purdue’s snow recess Tuesday and Wednesday, Human Resources and Payroll urge staff to review policies on pay practices, timecard completion and callback pay that apply during official snow recesses declared by the University.

HR and Payroll direct business offices to the January 2011 HR document, Pay Practice for Adverse Weather Conditions, when completing timecards for biweekly paid staff. The document is available on the Compensation Practices and Procedures page of the Vice President for Human Resources website.

The following is excerpted from the HR document:

Pay Practice During a Snow Recess

1. Biweekly paid staff members (regular clerical/service and operations/technical assistants) who do not report for work, as requested, will receive regular pay for all normally scheduled hours not worked due to the snow recess. Time will be recorded as “Other Leave (With Pay)” on the attendance record.

2. Biweekly paid staff members who are required to work are to be paid at the regular rate plus time-and-one-half for all hours worked during the snow recess. Under no circumstances will an employee be paid more than two-and-one-half times the regular rate for hours worked. This time will be recorded as “Worked-Regular” and “Overtime” on the attendance record.

3. Temporary employees (including student employees) designated “essential personnel” will be paid at time-and-one-half of the regular hourly rate for hours worked up to 40 hours/week. For hours worked in excess of 40 hours/week, compensation will be at two-and-one-half times the regular hourly rate.

4. Biweekly paid staff members who work before and after the snow recess is effective will receive regular pay plus time-and-one-half for hours worked after the snow recess starts. Hours worked prior to start of the snow recess will be paid at the regular rate.

5. Biweekly paid staff members who work after the snow recess ends will be paid in accordance with normal pay practice.

6. All staff who had previously scheduled vacation will have the time and attendance recorded as vacation.

7. All staff on sick leave both before and after the snow recess will have time and attendance recorded as sick leave.

8. Biweekly paid staff members (including students and temporaries) who show up for work during a snow recess and who are not essential should be released from work. If allowed to perform nonessential work, they should be paid at the regular rate only for the hours worked. Essential employees should be identified and notified well in advance of a snow recess to avoid problems such as staff reporting to work unnecessarily.

9. Monthly paid staff members receive regular pay regardless of work status during the snow recess.

With regard to callback pay, Payroll points staff to the 2011 Overtime and Callback Pay FAQs located on its website, and to the Nov. 30 Purdue Today article, “Changes to Overtime and Callback Pay Policy Take Effect Jan. 3.”

Executive Memorandum No. C-35, “Policy Relating to Adverse Weather Conditions,” dated Dec. 12, 1994, lays out the policies and procedures for modifying or curtailing the normal operations on the West Lafayette campus.