New Org Unit Established and Two Change Names on Fort Wayne Campus - 04/2/09

A new SAP organization unit for the Fort Wayne campus went into effect March 1.

Org Unit ID    Cost Center       Cost Center      Short Name       Long Name
50064668      Campus Safety   2002029000      2CampusSafet    Campus Safety

-- This org unit will report to OU 417, Physical Plant Administration.
-- The affirmative action and personnel share one org code. It is G0C/G0C01.
-- The AAO code name and personnel org name is “Vice Chancellor/Financial Affairs.”
-- This entry was made in SAP March 30.

Additionally, two existing org units at the Fort Wayne campus changed names:
-- Org Unit 278 changed to Health & Human Services from Health Sciences Administration, effective July 1, 2007.
-- Org Unit 463 changed to University Police from Safety and Security, effective March 1, 2009.

No other changes have been made.