HR Operations Website Offers New Report - 08/5/10

A new report is available on the HR Master Data page of the Human Resources (HR) Operations website.

The recently added Positions with Roles report lists all positions at the University and the roles attached to them. The report is created in Excel and searchable by Position ID and Position Title. It will be a useful tool for role approvers, and HR Operations will update it weekly.

Another report, titled Positions, presents position-related information such as: organization unit, exempt status, grouped/non-grouped, vacant/filled, criminal conviction requirement and reason for it, county name for Purdue Extension positions, supervisor name and incumbent.

The web page lists numerous other reports which staff may find beneficial. Among them are the Jobs report, which presents current values for all SAP jobs; and the Organization Units report, which provides a variety of information including campus name, chief, AAO code, personnel org code and the count of active employees in the org unit.

The site provides easy access to many of HR Operations’ resources, as well as quick links to online request forms for its services, such as mailing lists, HR data and the SAP report database.

For more information, please contact Cheryl Gray, manager, HR Operations, 494-7388.