Retro Time Entries Accepted Only Within Scope - 01/21/10

Payroll is advising time administrators and authorized business office staff that a recent change in the CATS time-entry application prevents keying in or adjusting employees’ retro time that occurred outside the department’s stated scope.

For biweekly staff, that scope is the two previous pay periods. For monthly staff, the scope is two months.

Payroll’s business processes instruct staff to notify the Payroll Department when retro time to be entered or edited falls beyond two pay periods. Now the system will only accept retro time adjustments outside of the stated parameters keyed by West Lafayette Central Payroll. If departments try making retro adjustments outside the stated parameters, the system will generate an onscreen error reminder. 

Staff with retro time to record beyond the acceptable scope may refer to Payroll’s business processes – Biweekly Retro Pay - Greater than Two Pay Periods and Enter Monthly Absences Past Two Pays – located on the “People/Compensation” page of the Business @ Purdue Web site.

Payroll also reminds time administrators and other business office staff who key in time to please adhere to deadlines, available on the paydate calendars listed under the “Calendars” gold tab on the Payroll Department Web site.

Retro time for the next biweekly payroll is due Jan. 29.

For more information or clarification, please contact Tracy Sondgerath, time administrator, Payroll, 494-0050.