Payroll to Add Staff’s Paid-Time-Off Balances to ESS - 06/10/10

The Payroll Office will launch an ESS (Employee Self Service) tool on June 30 that will allow Purdue University employees to review their most current leave balances and usage reports online.

Termed the “Paid Time Off Information/Report,” the new tool will give clerical and service employees their balances and usage for vacation, sick leave and personal holiday time.

For administrative and professional staff, fiscal year faculty, continuing lecturers, operations and technical (op/tech) assistants — the report will provide vacation balances. In addition, it will display sick leave and personal business days used.

To access their “Paid Time Off Information/Reports,” employees will log into ESS with their Purdue career account and password and click the designated link.

Biweekly paid staff will see their current “Paid Time Off Information/Report” each pay day. Their report will detail paid time off balances for the most recent pay period, as well as pay periods for the preceding 12 months.

Monthly and op/tech staff will be able to view their current “Paid Time Off Information/Report” on the last day of the month, which may not always coincide with the monthly pay day. The accrual schedule is defined in Purdue University’s policy, C-46, Revised and New Leave of Absence Policies for Faculty, Continuing Lecturers, and Administrative and Professional Staff.

Quick reference cards, frequently asked questions and animated demonstrations that explain and show how to access and read the reports are available via the “ESS” gold tab on the Payroll website.

Introduction of the expanded ESS capability on June 30 will coincide with the final payroll of academic year 2009-10, which is a shared pay date for biweekly and monthly staff. The new report will replace the quota information currently displayed at the bottom of the online pay statement.

Employees may direct their questions about the new online accrual reports to their business office. They may also contact Payroll at