Payroll Reminds University Offices of Federal Requirements for Examining Original Identification Documents - 02/14/12

With the Electronic I-9 system (TALX) operating at full capacity throughout Purdue University’s offices, Payroll reminds staff to follow the federal requirements when viewing identification documents.

Employers need not be document experts but must make a diligent effort to view original documents that seem to be genuine and relate to the presenting employee.

The U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides an Examining Documents website that lists requirements for employers when reviewing documentation. The resource is helpful when encountering questions about an I-9 completer’s responsibilities.

Helpful tips to remember are:

    1. Employers need to examine original documentation.
    2. Employers must reject documents that do not appear genuine, and they must ask for other documents that satisfy the Form I-9 requirements.
    3. Employers are to examine original documents that are from the List of Acceptable Documents pertaining to the employee’s residency status.
    4. Employers are to review the spelling of names on documents to make sure each matches. If the names do not match, ask the employee why there is a difference in the names on the documents.
    5. Employers need to use unexpired, original documents.
    6. If a permanent resident card, employment authorization card, or U.S. passport is presented as an identifying document, that document must be scanned and attached to the case file within the electronic I-9 system.

As an I-9 completer, remember you are attesting under penalties of perjury that you have examined the original documents and they appear to be genuine and applicable to the employee, authorizing the person to be employed in the United States.

Payroll urges employers to review the USCIS link as a helpful resource.

Please direct Form I-9 questions to