PASC Provides Tips to Ensure Timely Processing of New Employees - 08/9/11

The Payroll Appointment Service Center (PASC) reminds business offices to follow the appropriate steps to ensure that new hire/rehire actions are handled in a timely manner.

Specifically, the PASC reminds staff:

• Please refer to Documents Required to Process PA-FA Actions, which is found on the PSAC website under Resources and the Business @ Purdue website under People/Hiring/Resources. All required documents should be stapled to the PA form. Do not use paperclips. Departments should verify all documents have been completed in full, including signature, before submitting to the PASC.

• Please do NOT submit Personnel Action (PA) forms to the PASC without a valid I-9 attached. If Section 1 of the I-9 is not entirely filled in, the PASC will return the whole packet back to the department for completion.

• Also, because Purdue University participates in E-Verify, the Social Security number field must be complete. If a new employee does not yet have a Social Security number and needs to have a 999-number assigned, the business office should not submit the PA form until it receives that 999-number.

• Because the PASC sorts PA forms based on the employee’s current pay area, it is crucial that the PA form’s correct “current pay area” is filled in. This field refers to the pay area the employee is currently being paid, not necessarily the position of the PA form. If this field is filled out incorrectly, the employee may not get entered in time for a payroll write. Reference the “instructions” tab on the PA form to learn how to determine the current pay area. For new hires, the current pay area will be blank.

• Please do not save the form to your desktop. Rather, use the form from the Payroll Forms website. Effective Oct. 1, older versions of the PA, Fellowship Action (FA), or Adpay forms will not be accepted.

• Leave forms should be sent to Cindy Stephens in Benefits (HRSC/FREH). Sending leave forms to PASC slows down their processing.

Questions regarding processing new employees may be referred to or the Payroll Appointment Specialist for your area.