New Form Facilitates Changes in Payroll Cost Distribution - 12/17/09

Payroll has created a new form for documenting post-payroll cost override changes in CATS (cross application time sheet).
The CATS Cost Distribution Override Change Form is for use by time administrators to change or add overrides to the distribution of salary and related fringe benefit charges for biweekly employees through the CATs system after a payroll is posted.
The new form makes changes to hours recorded in CATS. It is similar to the CD-01 form, which documents post-payroll cost distribution changes in Infotype 0027.

Please remember that cost distribution overrides entered through CATS will override any distribution that is in Infotype 0027 for that period.
The CATS Cost Distribution Override Change Form is available online and can be downloaded from the Forms page on the Payroll Web site. Instructions also are provided.
For more information, please contact Tracy Sondgerath, Payroll time administrator, Payroll, 494-0050.