Moving and Housing Allowances Posted for Spring EVPT Interns - 01/28/10

To comply with University policy, business offices must submit both an ADPAY (Additional Pay Request) Form to the Shared Service Center (SSC) and an Off-Cycle Payment Request Form to Payroll when requesting moving and housing allowances for employees.

The Tax Department asks business offices to follow the Moving Allowance Payments to Employees process, available on the Business @ Purdue Web site, filed under the “Finance/Payments and Reimbursements” categories. The standard gross-up amounts for these allowances must be used.

Interns who claim more than a “Single 1” allowance/exemption on their W4/WH4 will see a slight difference in their paycheck’s net amount. See Single 1 Exemption Chart for Spring EVPT Interns, found under “Resources” on the “People/Compensation” page on Business @ Purdue, for a listing of wage types 1435 and 1455 amounts for bi-weekly and monthly EVPT interns’ housing and moving allowances.

In addition, this gross-up amount assumes the intern is taxable for Social Security/Medicare taxes. However, if an intern is a non-resident alien or enrolled in classes, please contact Tax Manager Linda Mundy. She will research the employee’s information to determine if that person is exempt from these taxes.