Recommendations Adopted for Individual Consultant Agreements - 07/28/09

A team representing Purchasing, Taxes, Sponsored Program Services (SPS) and the Business Office has clarified existing guidelines for routing consulting agreements with individuals.

Business Services has adopted the team’s recommendations for appropriate handling of individual consultants. The recommendations are:
     -- All consulting agreements for individuals will be routed to the Taxes Department in Freehafer. 
     -- The Taxes Department will enter all consulting agreements for individuals in COEUS.
     -- Consulting agreements for individuals under $50,000 will be prepared and executed by the Taxes Department.
     -- Consulting agreements for individuals over $50,000 will be prepared and reviewed by the Taxes Department for taxability questions and then forwarded to SPS UCG (University Contracting Group) for review and signature.

Consulting agreements with companies and vendors will continue to be handled by Purchasing UCG and should be routed directly to them.

Agreement forms are available on the Forms for Payments to Consultants page of the Taxes Department Web site. The page also provides guidelines for using the forms and a checklist for determining whether services performed should be classified as independent contractor/consultant services. 

Please direct questions about this process by email to the Taxes Department.