Annual Wage & Tax Statements - 01/25/13

W-2 Forms
Payroll Services mailed, via the U.S. Postal Service, the 2012 W-2 wage and tax statements to University employees on January 23rd. An instruction guide on how to read W-2 forms will be released before the end of the month.

W-2s returned by the post office as “Undeliverable” will be held by Payroll Services and released for redistribution after receiving a request from the employee. Payroll Services will start accepting requests for the redistribution of 2012 W-2s on February 1st. More information about the process will be released next week.

Fellowship Letter
Fellowship letters for U.S. persons will be sent through the campus mail to the business offices for distribution at the end of January.

The 1042-S forms for non-resident aliens will be available online through the Glacier Tax Compliance System by the end of February. Non-resident aliens receiving a 1042-S will be individually emailed when the form is available.

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