Information Regarding Sept. 15 Special Off-Cycle Pay Available from Payroll - 08/19/10

Payroll has issued instructions to help departments determine who can be paid on the special Sept. 15 Off-Cycle. Payroll also has issued guidance regarding when Off-Cycle forms will be required.

Which employees can be paid on the special Sept. 15 Off-Cycle?
Departments must review who will be paid on the Aug. 31 monthly pay day. The payroll validation reports can be run when payroll is complete on Aug. 27. All monthly employees will be paid on Aug. 31 if:
    — Employee is a continuing active employee
    — The PA, ADPAY, FA or Leave Action Form was submitted to the H.R. (Human Resources) Service Center by Friday, Aug. 13
    — Employee is in the FY Pay Area or the AY Pay Area in August

Note: Pay AREA is vital. All employee groups will be paid — including grad students — if approved forms were submitted by the Aug. 13 deadline. For forms submitted after the August deadline, run Payroll Validation Reports to verify payment. The H.R. Service Center will continue to approve/enter forms as time permits before Payroll Writing begins on Tuesday, Aug. 24.

What if the employee was not paid on Aug. 31? (I ran the validation reports to verify. Do I need to process an Off-Cycle Form [OC Form] to get AY or FY employees paid on the 9/15 Off-Cycle?)
Departments will NOT need to process an Off-Cycle Form if the PA “Action” is a:
    — New hire
    — Rehire
    — Add additional appointment

Payroll will run reports to pick up the above mentioned actions for PERNRs not already paid with NO further action by the business office.

Under which circumstances should an OC Form be processed to get an employee paid on Sept. 15 who did not get paid on Aug. 31?
If employee or fellowship appointment needs/wants payment on Sept. 15, “actions” that require an Off-Cycle Form are:
    — Transfer
    — Position Reclassification
    — Change in Pay (i.e. increase in salary or change in CUL)
    — Return from LOA without Pay
    — Return from FMLA
    — Renewed fellowship appointments will require an Off-Cycle Form be submitted; new hire fellowships do not need an Off-Cycle Form
    — Summer calculator payments not yet paid
    — Overload Payments/Extra Duty pay

Please note that these Off-Cycle forms need to be submitted to payroll no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2. Due to the size of this special Off-Cycle, no late forms will be accepted.

Deadlines at a Glance
    — PA/ADPAY/FA, etc. forms — 5 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 1
    — Off-Cycle Form, if needed (see above) — 5 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 2
    — Cost distribution — 5 p.m., Friday, Sept. 3

Will payments be a direct deposit on the Sept. 15 Off-Cycle?
If the employee has direct deposit set up, the payment will be sent to the banking institution. If the employee does not have banking information in SAP, a check will be generated and can be picked up at the front desk of Freehafer Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 15. Payroll will distribute the list of employees paid on the Sept. 15 Off-Cycle via PUPAY email. The list will be finalized after the Off-Cycle processing is complete.

Can a remuneration (REM) statement be run to check if an employee is included on the Off-Cycle?
Special instructions on how to run an REM Statement for the Off-Cycle are provided on the Payroll website. Please keep in mind that the H.R. Service Center will enter approved forms daily, and Payroll will run reports daily to pick up and save actions and forms already submitted to be run with the special Off-Cycle. Please note that Payroll will be entering information for this Off-Cycle daily, so it may be necessary to check multiple times.

What if an employee doesn’t need paid on the Sept. 15 Off-Cycle?
The H.R. Service Center will enter dates of employment, and the system will retro and pay everything due and unpaid on Sept. 30. It is not necessary to submit an Off-Cycle Form if pay is not needed. New hires, rehires and add additional appointments would be paid, however.

What about new biweekly appointments not paid on Sept. 8? Is there an Off-Cycle to pay them? What are the procedures?
    — An Off-Cycle is scheduled to be paid on Monday, Sept. 13
    — OC forms must be submitted to Payroll by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 8 to receive pay
    — CATS entry and cost distribution must be entered by 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 9
    — All payments will be checks. Direct deposits are NOT available for this Off-Cycle.

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