University Announces New Vehicle Use Policy - 02/4/10

Purdue University has rolled out its newly developed Use of Vehicles for University Business policy to go into effect Monday, March 1. The policy is intended to promote safe driving and assure that anyone who drives on University business possesses an acceptable driving record.

The policy applies to staff, faculty, students and volunteers who operate motor vehicles on the University’s behalf, whether the vehicle is University owned, personally owned, rented or leased. It also provides rules for driving short and long distances, carts and vans; University fleet inspection and maintenance; fleet insurance and registration; and guidelines for reporting accidents.

All drivers who operate a vehicle on University business are required to be in compliance with the policy. In addition, the Travel Form 17 and Transportation Form 1 will require drivers to certify that they understand and meet all qualifications for operating a motor vehicle on University business.

To help facilitate understanding of the policy, an online presentation, BVUP 100, Vehicle Use Policy Compliance, is available on the Business Services Training and Communications Web site. The University encourages every employee, student and volunteer who operate a vehicle on University business to complete the course.

According to the policy, the Risk Management Department will request a motor vehicle report (MVR) for any driver falling into one of these categories:
      Individuals who operate a vehicle five or more times each week on University-related business
      Employees whose job description requires them to possess a valid driver’s license
      Undergraduate or graduate students who drive for student organizations or Purdue offices
      All volunteers

Quick reference cards to assist business offices with the MVR process are available online at the same location as the training.

Risk Management will phase in the MVR check requirements of the policy over the next several months. Phase-in will start with student/volunteer drivers on all campuses. According to Risk Management, any travel involving student/volunteer drivers occurring after March 1 will require an MVR check. Forms are available on the Use of Vehicles for University Business page of the Risk Management Web site to request the MVR check for student/volunteer drivers.

Additional phased implementation of MVR checks for employees is scheduled for: 
      Physical Facilities and College of Agriculture, beginning April 1
      Housing and Food Services and Athletics, beginning June 1
      All areas on regional campuses, beginning Aug. 1
      Various colleges and administrative areas, beginning Oct. 1

The Vehicle Use Policy is posted in its entirety on the University Policies Web site.