Tips and Tricks: Export SAP Lists and Reports to Excel - 07/30/09

In response to customer problems with a setting used to export SAP lists and reports to Excel, the following helpful steps for SAP users with a need to know, are offered.
I.  From many SAP screens containing lists of returned data (ALV formats, standard or custom reports, etc.) either method A or B or C below (or all) will be available to export the data to Excel. 
 A.  From the List menu, select Export, then Spreadsheet.
 B.  Click the Export icon (right pointing arrow), then click the Spreadsheet radio button.
 C.  With cursor within the data to be exported, right click and select Spreadsheet.

II.  From here all methods display the same options, below are the ones that are Excel related:

 A.  Excel (in MHTML Format)  opens up in HTML with a lot of SAP extra formatting.
 B.  All Available formats drop-down:

  1.  Excel (in MHTML Format) same as A above
  2.  Excel (in MHTML Format 2000/97 ) same as 1 above; but compatible with earlier version
  3.  Excel (in Office 2003 XML formatting) opens up in XML with a lot SAP extra formatting
  4.  SAP-Internal XML Format - same as 3 above; but compatible with later version
  5.  Excel (In Existing XXL Format) this is the most "pure" form of the data without extra formatting.

Note: immediately when the excel export pops up, either save-as the file (or to ensure the least amount of extra formatting) copy and paste data to new workbook. When you close export dialogue box, the xxl worksheet window closes also.

III. Click on check marks that appear (depending on method selected) to create worksheet.

IV. For convenience, if there is a setting that is used consistently, click the "Always Use Selected Format" checkbox to avoid having to reset each time a spreadsheet is exported within that client.

Note: Since the service pack upgrade in spring of 2009, this checkbox does not automatically reset upon logout of the client.  To regain the ability to select among the formats, the user must place the cursor within the data to be exported, right click, and select spreadsheet.  This re-opens the dialogue options.