TIP: Business @ Purdue Provides Index for Processes - 01/20/09

In seeking the steps involved in completing a particular business process, staff need only search Business @ Purdue for the applicable process.

Processes are accessible by first clicking the corresponding category in the lower left column of the Business @ Purdue Home page and then clicking on the appropriate subcategory.

However, the Web site also provides a “View All” feature, which is helpful when the category and subcategories are unknown. To open all the processes contained on the Business @ Purdue site in a single list, place the cursor over “Search” near the top of column, and when its three underlying subcategories are displayed, select “View All.” Approximately 200 processes, representing nearly every department, are listed.

Forms too can be searched for quickly by visiting the Business Forms Used at Purdue University Web site. The site provides gold tabs for accessing lists of all business forms alphabetically, numerically, by department and by format. It also offers a “Search” feature and frequently asked questions.