SSG Enhances PS Module for Physical Facilities - 07/9/09

The System Support Group’s Supply Chain team, headed by Will Seeger, recently wrapped up its work on the “Project Systems Enhancement” project – previously No. 37 on the SAP project list.

The project called for Seeger’s team to improve Physical Facilities’ capabilities for tracking origins of the funds designated for its construction projects.

When the Physical Facilities Fiscal Affairs Office creates a construction account, a journal voucher is used to move cash into it, said Brian Conner, Physical Facilities’ financial manager of construction, who worked with Seeger’s team as a functional adviser. At that time, a new plant and construction cost center is established for the work breakdown structure -- or key financial components of a construction project -- to recharge.

“After go-live,” Conner said, “we found it difficult to tell what was funding a project, difficult to tell where the money was coming from.”

In addition, Seeger said, the Fiscal Affairs Office often needed to identify all the construction projects being funded by a specific source. But that too was time-consuming, Conner said, as staff were required to perform the task manually.

In answering the challenges, the SSG team established three new fields within the Project Systems (PS) module in SAP, which is used to track and record the funding sources for each project’s unique attributes. The added fields will be populated by the construction area of the Physical Facilities’ Fiscal Affairs Office when using transaction code CJ20N to unlock Project Builder.

The PS module’s newly added fields are “Requesting Cost Center,” “Requesting Fund” and a checkbox that corresponds to “Multiple Funds.” The fields are intended to provide Physical Facilities greater control over funding matters, Seeger said, by helping it track expenses they are charging to specific cost centers.

Since adding the three new fields, Seeger said, the department has the capability of querying the information directly through SAP.

“Now we can run reports that tell us what schools have funded what projects by cost center,” Conner said. “This gives us more of an accurate representation of what is funding the project.”

The team started the project Feb. 23. It was completed June 15. The SSG team was composed of Jennifer Clingenpeel, Nancy Allrich, Brett Lawson and Seeger.