Risk Management Completing MVR Roll-out - 12/7/10

Dec. 31 will mark the completion of the phased implementation of Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks related to the new Use of Vehicles for University Business policy.

The policy first went into effect on March 1, 2010, with student and volunteer drivers as the initial focus. On April 1, Risk Management began a phased implementation of MVR checks for employees. Physical Facilities, College of Agriculture, Housing & Food Services, Athletics, and the regional campuses have completed the implementation process.

As of Dec. 2, Risk Management had requested MVRs on 5,812 drivers, consisting of 1,951 employees and 3,861 students/volunteers.

Oct. 1 began the period for academic and administrative units at the West Lafayette campus to identify employee drivers who need an MVR check. Risk Management met with various business manager cluster groups in September to explain the process of identifying employees who need MVR checks. The response has been good.

For those departments that still need to complete the process, here is a brief overview of the steps necessary:

 Identify those positions that the job description requires a valid driver’s license, and
 Identify those positions that routinely operate a University vehicle five or more times per week.
 Have the employees in the identified positions complete the USA General Disclosure and Consent Form.
 Submit the completed forms to Risk Management. Due to the personal information on the forms, these should be sent in a sealed envelope via campus mail, or scanned and shared with Lisa Fortner of Risk Management via Filelocker.
 If submitting more than 10 forms, Risk Management requests a completed MVR Patch Template Spreadsheet available on our website. Instructions are included in the spreadsheet.

Academic and administrative units need to complete this process and submit the forms to Risk Management by Dec. 31, 2010. Forms and other resources can be found on the Risk Management website.

Please refer any questions about the process or the policy to Lisa Fortner (494-8104) or Dann Van Hoosier (494-1690). Questions also may be submitted via email to