PMO Adds Coeus Upgrade to Project Priority List - 07/1/10

The Project Management Office (PMO) on June 23 approved the request for service for the Coeus upgrade, version 4.4.2, and assigned it the No. 22 position on the Business Systems Projects in Progress list. 

Details are:

Coeus 4.4.2 Upgrade
     -- Recommended position on current priority list: No. 22
     -- Requested by: Chris Tompkins, research administration systems manager, Sponsored Program Services (SPS)
     -- Process owners: Mike Ludwig, director, SPS
     -- Business Systems Advisory Committee (BSAC) sponsor: Stephanie Willis, assistant director of information support services, SPS
     -- Business Systems Steering Committee (BSSC) sponsor: Mike Ludwig
     -- Contact: Gary Yates, director, SAP Technical Competency Center, IT Enterprise Applications
     -- Description of project: Coeus 4.4.2 is the latest version of the grant management software used by Sponsored Program Services. New system functionality will enable electronic attachments to contract negotiation records to be uploaded and will provide ability to manage document versioning and retention to replace static storage of documents on shared drives.
     -- Proposed project timeline: To be implemented by Sept. 11, 2010.

The Project Management Office is composed of representatives of most central support areas for business systems. Details about the project prioritization process are available in the Request and Prioritization Process document posted to the Business Systems Advisory Committee website. A new prioritized project list is posted to the BSAC site monthly. The latest priority list is dated June 2 and lists 48 projects.