Mainframe Decommissioning Reaches Milestone - 05/25/10

The mainframe decommissioning reached a “major milestone” Wednesday, May 19, according to the Mainframe Retirement Planning Committee.

That morning, a document destruction team from Physical Facilities began removing thousands of mainframe program folders from their secure location in the State Street Office Facility (SSOF). The program folders had been used for nearly 40 years in support of applications on the mainframe.

The University has been using the SAP systems since 2007, but many people may not have realized that mainframe decommissioning efforts have been occurring.

Besides the electronic data files that resided on the mainframe, thousands of programming paper files/folders provided documentation for the mainframe systems and programs. The program folders will be shredded, as several contain Social Security numbers and other pieces of sensitive data.  Electronic copies of the documentation remain securely stored in PageCenterX.

This decommissioning effort is being led by project manager Julie Miller and includes IT Enterprise Application staff Donna Young, Larry Colglazier and Sam Conner combined with IT Systems and Operations staff Diana McKinney, Shawn Williams and Mike Hines. They, along with many staff in Business Services, Human Resources and other administrative areas, are carrying out a plan to efficiently move data off of the mainframe and place it into SQLServer databases. This will allow the data to be accessible in the future as needed.

The Mainframe Retirement Planning Committee – consisting of Peg Fish, Lee Gordon, Cheryl Gray, Mike Rubesch, Mike Szczepanski, Terry Aldridge, Dan Whiteley, Cheryl Westlund, Gary Yates, Dan Schumacher, Joe Braun, John Nelson, Julie Miller and Brad Skiles – have overseen decommissioning efforts for several years.

The committee extends thanks to all the staff who have participated in the decommissioning efforts. There has been significant progress, the committee says, and with the remaining tasks on schedule, the mainframe will be retired within the next year. 

Questions about the decommissioning effort may be sent to Brad Skiles, who is directing the decommissioning effort in ITaP.