Mainframe Decommission Project on Track - 12/8/09

The mainframe decommissioning project continues to make steady progress toward its December 2010 completion goal. Only a few business activities still occur on the mainframe, such as requests for privileges processing, limited accounts payable updates and certain processes for the Card Office.

Within Business Services, the project is moving forward in all areas Finance, Payroll, and Human Resources. At this time, there is no change in access to the HR/Payroll and Finance mainframe systems.

On the student side, Bursar and SITP (Student Information Teleprocessing) data are being updated and corrected. After Dec. 31, however, updates will not be allowed. Mainframe access will be removed from employees outside of central offices for the student and Bursar systems and those maintaining access will have inquiry only capabilities.

For more information about business systems data, please contact Cheryl Gray, manager for Human Resources Operations, by email or by calling 494-7388.

Questions about the student systems may be referred to Dan Whiteley, data steward for Student Services Technology & Assessment, by email or by calling 494-7416.