ImageNow Project on Target for November Rollout - 09/20/12

Purdue employees who rely on Central Files and University Development to scan documents for electronic storage soon will reap the benefits of a new, more robust system when Stellent/WebView, the long-time application used for those purposes, is retired.

WebView’s replacement, ImageNow by Perceptive Software, is scheduled for a mid-November rollout and full implementation by spring.

According to Central Files and University Development, the Web-based ImageNow application promises several new capabilities to enhance their efficiency in document scanning, storage and retrieval. More ways to capture and store data, better security for data access, and document redaction are among the many features ImageNow can provide.

WebView had been meeting users’ imaging needs for nearly seven years when ITaP learned the application was losing its support from Stellent, and it would not be Windows 7 compatible. In response, a project led by Brian York of ITEA, with executive sponsors Mary Catherine Gaisbauer, Doug Foster and Bruce Hufford, and project sponsors Lucia Anderson and Dan Gentry, was chartered in November 2011. Their objectives were simple: Seek a Windows 7-compatible replacement product that is versatile, adaptable and reliable and offers SAP integration capabilities.

Early this year, the project team, University Development, Business Services, Purchasing, ITaP, ITEA, ITSO and Administrative Computing identified ImageNow as the application best matching their criteria. Since then, the teams have focused on testing and tweaking the software in preparation for the final switch-over.

Because the improved functionality and added features take place in the back end of the imaging system, Central Files and University Development agree that users will see little, if any, difference between the old and new systems.

“The most obvious changes will occur throughout the five-month period between the November rollout and the April implementation,” said Gene Ann Fausett of Central Files.

During that time, the approximately 11 million documents already scanned into the system will undergo a conversion to the new system, Fausett explained.

“While the conversion is in progress,” said Dan Gentry of Administrative Computing, “there will be a point when users will have access to both systems until everything is moved to one place.”

Users will be allowed to retrieve old documents from the WebView system as well as those scanned into the ImageNow system since November, he said.

Although the concept of the new system is similar to the old, a newly created QRC and a showcase will introduce an estimated 600 users to ImageNow and help ease their transition to it. Once the showcase opens for registration, its times and locations will be announced in Business @ Purdue News.

University Development and Central Files are excited about the new imaging system and the possibilities it brings.

“The new system offers staff the same level of service they are accustomed to but with more reliability,” Gentry said.

“There’s a lot of potential,” Fausett added. “ImageNow is scalable and can be built upon. The backbone is there for future growth.”