Did You Know … ? - 06/1/10

Did you know … in 2009, the Office of Treasury Operations sent 1,421 wire transfers in 29 different currencies with an equivalent U.S. dollar value just over $68 million?

Did you know … the most frequently wired foreign currency requested at Purdue is the Euro, followed by the British Pound and the Swiss Franc?

Did you know … there are 89 different locations throughout Purdue, both physical and web-based, that accept credit cards? In 2009, those merchants processed over $80 million in card sales.

Did you know … that training for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is an annual requirement for those employees (students and staff) and volunteers who process transactions via payment cards (credit cards, stored value cards, etc.) on behalf of Purdue?

Did you know … as the first year of the Payment Card Security Standards training nears completion, more than 1,220 staff members have been successfully educated in the PCI DSS?

Did you know … in 2009, Purdue issued $233 million of long-term bonds to fund construction on three of its four campuses?

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