Business Services Staff Convene for Quarterly Meeting Tuesday - 01/28/10

Members of the Business Services staff gathered Tuesday morning in the south ballroom of Purdue Memorial Union for their first quarterly meeting of 2010.

James Almond, senior vice president for Business Services and Assistant Treasurer, delivered news about the budget and announced that University Comptroller John Shipley accepted the position of vice president of finance and treasurer at the University of Miami in Miami, Fla. The appointment is effective Feb. 15. He has served Purdue for more than 25 years.

In addition, staff were informed of an email survey they would receive, asking for their feedback on the quarterly staff meeting content, timing and arrangements.

Announcements were followed by a presentation by Alysa Rollock, vice president for ethics and compliance. She spoke about the formulation and issuance of systemwide policies for the University, which she called, “The Policy on Policies.”

Next, Ken Sandel of the Office of Executive Vice President and Treasurer spoke about the new Sustaining New Synergies Task Force. The task force is engaged in a targeted assessment of the University’s administrative processes, practices, policies, org structures and systems to achieve the financial targets established by executive leadership.

Concluding the meeting were presentations from Human Resource Services’ WorkLife Program staff members, Mindy Paulet, speaking on stress management, and Cheryl Laszynski, on the WorkLife Program.

The PowerPoint documents that accompanied all the presentations are available on the Business Services Quarterly Staff Meeting page of the Senior Vice President for Business Services & Assistant Treasurer Web site.