Business @ Purdue Website Moves to New Home on SharePoint - 06/5/12

Business @ Purdue, the website that contains all Business Services processes and hundreds of work-related resources, has relocated to SharePoint.

One of the goals for the Business Services Training and Communication (BSTCC) for 2011-2012 was to move away from needing technical support from groups outside of the BSTCC. The move to SharePoint allows the BSTCC to manage its websites and make changes to the look and feel without the assistance of ColdFusion programmers.    

SharePoint, however, offers its users many advantages. SharePoint not only gives the Business @ Purdue site a fresh look, it provides greater flexibility for sorting, sharing and managing business information and documents the University’s business staff need.

The new Business @ Purdue SharePoint site reflects the look and feel of any other Business Services website. The top of its home page lists the Business Services departments, as well as Human Resources. Clicking on a department name opens a drop-down menu displaying one or more clickable subcategories. Listed on each subcategory page are the related processes, along with links to relevant forms, policies, reports, resources and tips.

For security purposes, documents stored on SharePoint can be opened only by users with a Purdue career account and password. When visitors access the new site the first time, they are prompted to log in with their Purdue credentials. The BSTCC advises users to add the site to their list of trusted local intranet sites. For help in making the new Business @ Purdue a trusted site, please see the Gold Answers’ instructions for How to Set Up Your Internet Explorer Browser to Log You in Automatically.

A quick reference card instructing users to navigate the site will soon be available on the BSTCC website. Existing links to Business @ Purdue are being redirected tonight.

Questions about the site may be referred to the BSTCC team.