Acronym Interpretation Available Online - 11/18/08

Personnel joining any area of the University, including Business Services, generally hear staff members speaking in what may sound like a different language: Acronyms.

Acronyms at Purdue are shortcuts to often-repeated terms and familiar word clusters. They contain almost every letter of the alphabet -- from AA to YTD. New employees are welcome to ask the more seasoned staff to clarify meanings of the acronyms they hear.

A useful resource for new and long-time University staff is the acronym Web page. It is linked off the AIS Web site under the Purdue Links section in the right frame.

The acronym Web page contains a search box for quick look-up of an acronym, and directly above the search box is a link to View Entire Acronym Listing. The acronym page also contains links to abbreviations and terms for specific areas such as Accounting and SPS.

Another helpful feature on the acronyms site is the capability for any staff member to add new acronyms. Besides providing the acronym and definition, users can also include a URL for a Web page that might provide more information.