OnePurdue Shifts Priorities - 08/14/08

Now that the OnePurdue ( Human Resources, Financial and Supply Chain business support systems are operational, the newly formed Business Applications Steering Committee will oversee the systems’ functionality and establish maintenance priorities. The committee, which addresses all business applications, not just OnePurdue SAP, will set those priorities in motion and make sure they are completed in a timely manner.

BASC members first convened in June and plan to meet monthly for the remainder of the calendar year. After that, they expect to meet quarterly. At their July meeting, members developed and approved a list of priority projects. That list can be viewed at In the future, the BASC will review the projects in progress. It also will review new requests and determine if priorities need to be adjusted.

The BASC will oversee larger projects, those it determines will require 25 or more hours of effort by staff in the Systems Support Group, IT Enterprise Applications, Training, security and the operational departments of other units.

The current project list developed by the steering committee contains 45 issues in various stages of completion, based on availability of resources.

The BASC adopted its charter when it met in July. The charter, a list of BASC members and their responsibilities may be accessed at this URL:

Another group, Business Applications Advisory Committee comprised of business process owners, will tend to issues expected to require fewer than 25 hours to resolve as well as make recommendations of priority to the Steering Committee. An article about the BAAC, how it operates and what its members hope to accomplish will be included with the next Business @ Purdue News mailing, due out Thursday, Aug. 21.