Revisions in Effect for DIV Personal Payments Process - 10/18/12

The Comptroller’s area has approved three changes for the Direct Invoice Voucher personal payment process. The changes are intended to improve the payment process and go into effect immediately.

The changes are:

1. Comptroller signature authority will no longer exclude DIV personal payments. Individuals with Comptroller signature authority (e.g., business offices and Accounting Services for regional campuses) may approve DIV personal payments after auditing documents for accuracy, appropriate signatures, allowability, allocability, and correct backup attachments. Then, Payroll Services will review and audit the document for tax purposes only. 

      Current process: Payroll Services has Comptroller signature delegation and performs the appropriate review of forms prior to signing off on DIV personal payments.
      Future process: Payroll Services will no longer provide Comptroller signature review - this will be performed by the Comptroller signature delegate in the originating business offices/Accounting Services.  Comptroller signature delegates are responsible for the review and accuracy of the payment request.  Comptroller signature should be obtained on the bottom line of DIV prior to submitting to Payroll Services. Payroll Services is responsible for ensuring tax consequences are appropriately captured and processed.

2. Payroll Services will no longer audit DIV personal payments for payment of sales tax. The preparer of the DIV is responsible for ensuring it complies with University policy and does not include sales taxes.

      Current process: Payroll Services verifies that Purdue policy is being followed in reimbursement for payment of sales tax.
      Future process: DIV preparers and business offices/Accounting Services are responsible for following University policies.

3. Everyone involved in processing DIV personal payments will provide feedback to those submitting a DIV in error. The person who created the DIV with the error will be asked to fix the error in order to learn for future application. Correcting errors without advising staff who previously overlooked the error may facilitate more errors in the future.

      Current process: The reviewer who discovers an error corrects it and then moves the DIV paperwork forward.
      Future process: Those who discover an error will ask the person who passed it forward to go back and make the correction. Thus, those making errors are educated, and fewer errors are passed along in the future.

The above changes to the DIV process are effective immediately.