New Process Begins for Handling Blocked Invoices - 11/11/08

A new report is available to help departments identify their own blocked invoices without waiting for a spreadsheet from Accounts Payable.

The report -- tcode zfi_blocked_invoice -- can be accessed by anyone with the role of AP_Display.

The process for handling blocked invoices will change with the addition of this report. Accounts Payable will no longer send the weekly spreadsheet of blocked invoices. The expectation is that Business Office staff will run the report once a week at minimum, but as frequently as daily.

The email to release blocked invoices to the will be discontinued and replaced by the Form 26, which has been revised to accommodate the new process. A document has been posted to Business @ Purdue to outline the process.

Look for announcements of Accounts Payable/Purchasing Showcases to be scheduled soon. These showcases will cover a variety of issues in the Purchase-to-Pay process.