Certain Roles Authorized to Delete Parked Journal Entries and Accounts Payable Direct Invoices - 06/9/11

Beginning Wednesday, June 8, staff members can delete documents that have been parked under their user name if they have at least one of these security roles:

AP260_000_DISTRIB_DIR_INV_ENTR (for T-code ZV60)
GL210_000_JV_ENTRY_CLERK (for T-code FV50)
GL265_000_JV_ENTRY_CLERK_HFS (for T-code FV50)
GM245_000_CASH_MANAGER (for T-code FV50)

Roles that have access to T-codes ZV60 or FV50 can delete anyone’s parked document. Central Office roles have the ability to delete documents created by ALL users.

Additional information about distributed directs and journal entries can be found in the FV50 Park G/L Account Items QRC, located on the Quick Reference Cards and Job Aids page of the Training and Communications website, and Change Layout, Directs Workflow, Variant, Vendor Invoice and ZV60 QRCs provided for the “BDRCT 210—Park Direct Invoices” training.

“BDRCT 210—Park Direct Invoices” training is next scheduled for July 7. For details and enrollment information, please see the June 6 Business @ Purdue News article, “‘Park Direct Invoices’” for July Available for Registration.”