New Graduate Aid Processes Published to Business @ Purdue - 01/8/09

Four new graduate aid processes have been posted to Business@Purdue. They are the end-result of a committee created to review payments to graduate students.

Graduate aid is a new term for any monetary support to a graduate student. A new funds range (6208XXXX) to support it has been set up.

Most often, graduate aid will fall into one of these two categories:

Full Fellowship generally provides recurring monthly stipend, tuition and fees and insurance supplements. These payments occur through the Payroll process and are handled through SPS funds.
Partial Support generally provides one-time, lump sum payment which can be used for stipends, tuition, fees, books, supplies, professional development, travel or equipment. These payments occur through the Bursar or Accounts Payable (international payments).

The four new processes published to Business@Purdue are:

Process for Setting Up &/or Depositing Monies to New Graduate Aid Funds (6208XXXX), can be located under the “Finance” category and “Account Structure” subcategory
Process for Paying Partial Fellowships, available under the “Finance” category and “Non Payroll Transactions” subcategory. 
Process for Setting Up & Paying a New Full Fellowship, can be found under the “Finance” category and “Non Payroll Transactions” category.
Process for Reporting on Graduate Aid Funds, posted under the “Reports” category and “Financial Reports” subcategory

A process for reviewing current scholarship, awards and gift funds for possible conversion to graduate aid funds will begin this spring.

Members of the Graduate Aid Committee are: Jennifer Craig, Susie Geswein, John Globoker, Ashlee Robertson and Kathy Vanderwall.