Reminder: Gaming and Gambling - 10/27/11

The Payroll and Tax Department reminds University staff, faculty and students that charity gaming and other forms of gambling are not allowed in conjunction with any Purdue activity, on or off campus.

These activities are highly regulated by federal and state statutes. Examples of activities that are disallowed are drawings, raffles, door prizes, gambling nights and any other game of chance, even when conducted to raise funds for University-related purposes.

Activities that are currently allowed for fund-raising events include live/silent auctions and games of skill. A game of skill is one in which the winner is chosen by someone’s ability rather than by chance, such as a bowling tournament based on skill vs. a drawing based on chance.

The University recognizes the desire of departments to encourage participation in programs and activities by awarding items of value to those in attendance. A University policy is being written which will provide guidance on the structure of allowable events for departments to use as an incentive to participate. In the interim, questions about what is and is not allowable may be referred to the Payroll and Tax Department at or 494-7921.