Unclaimed Funds Must Be Requested Before Fiscal Year-End - 06/2/09

The University’s Office of Treasury Operations (OTO) reminds staff in business areas that electronically transferred funds must be claimed before the 2008-09 fiscal year ends on June 30.

If funds are expected from the auditor of the state of Indiana, but the intended recipient is unsure of the amount or purpose, Treasury Operations reminds staff about another resource for seeking confirmation. That resource is found inside a folder named “Auditor of the State Notification of Deposit,” which contains details of every electronic-transfer deposit from the auditor of the state, such as the agency that sent the funding and the department it is intended for. The folder can be found within the Treasury section of the secure directory.

Staff are urged to help the OTO by checking the secure directory without delay to determine if any of the unclaimed funds are intended for them.

The process for claiming electronic receipts, “Receive Cash Posting from Bank OBC,” can be found on Business @ Purdue in the “Finance/Cash and Banking” category. The process for claiming funds over 90 days old, “Unclaimed Electronic Receipts Over 90 Days Old,” also can be accessed there.

Please help OTO clean up the unclaimed items before the fiscal year-end.

For more information, please contact Terri Mimms, assistant director of Treasury Operations, by email or call 494-6594.