Reminder: Import Customs Charges Must Be Paid Promptly - 08/9/12

Procurement Services has signed a power of attorney with Transgroup Worldwide Logistics, authorizing Transgroup to provide customs entry and freight forwarding services for goods imported into the United States for Purdue University.
Charges for customs entry and freight forwarding usually do not appear on the vendor invoice, as they are not part of the vendor’s normal freight fees. These charges are paid directly to Transgroup, rather than to the vendor, and must be paid separately via a Pcard or direct invoice voucher. 

Depending on what is being imported, the shipment might also incur duty fees, which Transgroup pays on behalf of Purdue with the understanding that the University will reimburse such fees in a timely manner.

In the event of late payments, Transgroup will put the University on credit hold, which could preclude the entire University system from moving goods through United States Customs. Late payments also could cause additional fees, such as storage, to be added to the shipment, or the entire shipment could be returned to the vendor. 

Procurement Services reminds departments that it is extremely important for these invoices to be paid in a prompt and timely manner.