Reminder: Procure-to-Pay Reports Website Available - 03/28/13

The Procure-to-Pay Reports SharePoint site contains four reports used for account management. The Open PO report lists PO’s that have not been fully received in SRM. The Blocked Invoice report lists invoices that are blocked and action needs to be taken in order to release the invoice to pay the vendor. The GR/IR Clearing report lists PO’s where the sum of the goods receipt quantity does not match the sum of the invoice receipt quantity. Items may appear on this report when a goods receipt, an invoice receipt, return delivery or a credit memo is needed or when there's a quantity issue or blocked invoice. The Vendor Invoice report lists open invoices where the vendor has not yet been paid. Items appear on this report when the invoice may be blocked or aging according to the payment terms or the account may be closed. 

All employees with a career account have access to the site. The log-in format is onepurdue\"career account" and "password".

Instructions for setting up IE to not ask for log-in is located on the SPUD (SharePoint users and developers) Website under IT resources. For this to work, you must first log in to your computer with your career account and password.

For additional assistance, please contact the Procure-to-Pay Helpdesk at 494-7279 or