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Purdue University Executive Memoranda Master Listing

(Supersedes Executive Memorandum No. B-28, Dated 1 September 1974)

September 1984

To: Deans, Heads of Schools, Vice Presidents, Regional Campus Chancellors and Staff with Security Clearances

Re: Security Standard Practice Procedures

The Defense Investigative Service (DIS), Chicago, Illinois Region is designated as the Cognizant Security Agency (CSA) for Purdue University and represents the United States Department of Defense (DOD) in security matters. Under CSA responsibilities, DIS assists in developing security practices or safeguards to provide adequate protection of classified material transmitted to the University by Military Departments (Army, Navy, Air Force). Each Military Department acts through the Cognizant Office to assure itself of the existence of security safeguards affecting a particular contract. The Cognizant Office and the Military Departments will reach concurrence prior to transmitting specific recommendations to the University, such recommendations having been previously discussed with and agreed to in principle by the University Security Officer.

Our Security Agreements, entered into with DOD, places upon the University and its personnel the primary responsibility of safeguarding classified information entrusted to it or to be produced by contract. In compliance with the provisions of such Agreement and in conformity with security standards set forth in Government security regulations, the University has adopted the Standard Practice Procedures given in the attached document which were adapted from the Industrial Security Manual (ISM) for Safeguarding Classified Information, extracts of which are in the hands of all project directors who have classified material.

All personnel of the University are obligated to observe these procedures in spirit as well as in letter. Observance of these procedures affects the National Defense and failure to safeguard classified information is subject to the penalties of the Federal statutes governing such matters. In addition, failure to observe security rules and regulations is a violation of the University's contracts with the Government.

The following procedures are intended to provide an orderly method of delegating responsibilities and duties, and if observed, will eliminate delay in visits, clearances, contract negotiations, and other similar matters, as well as the embarrassment resulting from the discovery of a security violation. All questions concerning security should be directed to the Office of Contract and Grant Business Affairs, which is the representative contact with all agencies of the Department of Defense.

Steven C. Beering