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Purdue University Executive Memoranda Master Listing


January 20, 1978


(Superseded by B-55, dated March 16, 1979)

To: Deans, Chancellors, Directors, and Heads of Schools, Divisions Departments, and Offices, and Administrative and Professional Staff Members

Re: Terms and Conditions of Employment of Administrative and Professional Staff

Definition of Terms

  1. Administrative and Professional staff (A/P) -- Management, Administrative and Supervisory, Operations Assistant, Professional, Professional Assistant, Technical Assistant, and Cooperative Extension Agent. Associate staff and Student Administrative and Professional staff are not included within this definition.

  2. Effective date -- Ninety (90) days after the date this Executive Memorandum was approved by the Board of Trustees.

  3. President or his designee -- The delegation of authority as outlined in Executive Memorandum No. B-31.

  4. Form 16 -- The existing employment contract form.

  5. Form 19A/P -- The administrative/professional appointment form executed when any employee initially joins the A/P staff.

  6. Form 19T -- Official University notice of termination of employment.

    1. General. This memorandum sets forth the terms and conditions of employment of administrative/professional staff. It applies to all existing and future appointments to the administrative/professional staff, both full-time and part-time employees. It does not apply to associate staff or student administrative and professional staff.

    2. New Appointments. All new appointments to the administrative/ professional staff are governed by this memorandum and are made by executing Form 19A/P.

    3. Duration of New Appointments. All appointments to the administrative/professional staff made after the Effective Date will be made for a definite period specified in Form 19A/P.

      All initial appointments must have prior approval of the Board of Trustees. No appointments will be automatically extended but will expire at the end of the period specified in Form 19A/P unless prior thereto: (a) the period of appointment has been extended as provided in paragraph 5. below; or (b) the appointment has been terminated before the end of the specified term (see paragraph 7. below).

    4. Existing Appointments.

      1. The appointment of an administrative/professional staff member who was given notice prior to the Effective Date that his/her appointment would terminate on or after the Effective Date, will terminate in accordance with such notice and will not be extended.

      2. All administrative/professional staff appointed prior to the Effective Date are governed by the provisions of this memorandum. Appointment of such administrative/professional staff evidenced by Form 16 executed prior to the Effective Date will terminate on 30 June 1978 (for those appointed on a fiscal-year basis) or on 14 May 1978 (for those appointed on an academic-year basis), whichever is applicable (the latter date may vary depending on campus). For extension of existing appointments see paragraph 5. below. For termination of employment see paragraph 7. below.

      3. Administrative/professional staff who previously executed a University appointment notice (Form 16) will not execute a Form 19A/P.

    5. Extension of Appointment. Administrative/professional appointments may be extended by: (a) action of the Board of Trustees upon approval of the annual operating budget for Purdue University; or (b) action by the Board of Trustees extending the budget period past 30 June; or (c) approval of Payroll Change Form 10 by the President or designee.

    6. Expiration of Appointment.

      1. If the University does not intend to continue the appointment of an administrative/professional staff member, appointed before or after the Effective Date, the University shall norrnally give him/her written advance notice on Form 19T of such intention at least 30 calendar days prior to termination. The notice may be given by the President or designee.

      2. An administrative/professional staff member is expected not to resign except after giving a 30 calendar-day written notice of intent to resign. Any shorter notice may require approval of and may be subject to conditions established by the President of the University.

    7. Termination During Appointment.

      1. The University may terminate the employment of any administrative/professional staff member before the end of term of appointment by giving him/her written advance notice on Form 19T of such intention at least 30 calendar days prior to termination.

      2. The University may terminate the employment of any administrative/professional staff member before the end of term of appointment for reasons relating to the misconduct or inefficiency of the appointee.

    8. Administrative Appointments Held by Faculty. Persons who are appointed to the faculty may at the same time be appointed to an administrative position, e. g. head of department or dean of a school. Administrative appointments of tenured as well as non-tenured faculty members are made and continue in existence solely at the option of the University and may be terminated at any time without cause. The termination of an administrative appointment does not thereby terminate or otherwise affect the status of a faculty appointment as evidenced by faculty employment contract Form 19.

    9. Salary Payments.

      1. Salaries for academic-year employees are paid in 10 equal installments: the middle of the months of September, October, November, and December; the first working day in January; and the last working day in January, February, March, and April; and the day preceding or following Spring Commencement, which may vary from year to year.

      2. Salaries for fiscal-year employees are paid in 12 equal installments: the last working day of each month with the exception of December; payment for December will be made on the first working day in January.

      3. If for any reason service ceases before the term of appointment is ended, payment shall be at the contracted rate for the time of actual service and no allowance shall be made for the uncompleted term of employment.

      4. The rate of pay is subject to modification in the event there is any legislative reduction in the State or Federal appropriations from which such compensation is paid. Salaries derived from other sources will be paid only to the extent of funds available.

    10. Staff Benefits for Eligible Administrative/Professional Staff.

      1. All eligible appointees to the administrative/professional staff of the University are required to participate in the group insurance programs of the University and to make stipulated payments there under as provided by the policies established by the Trustees.

      2. All appointees to the administrative/professional staff eligible for participation in one of the University's retirement annuity plans will enter into the regular contract arrangements for such retirement annuity with the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America or Public Employees' Retirement Fund.

      3. All eligible appointees to the administrative/professional staff are entitled to the staff benefit program described in Executive Memoranda Nos. B- 17, B- 19, B- 22, and the Faculty and Staff Handbook, as now or hereafter revised.


      1. All members of the administrative/professional staff are under obligation to become familiar with the general administrative practices and requirements of the University as set forth in the University Code and in Executive Memoranda as now published, and also those adopted from time to time by the President or the Trustees. University policies and regulations relative to political activities of the staff are prescribed in Executive Memorandum No. B-4, and the policies and regulations concerning patent rights and copyrights are prescribed in Executive Memorandum No. B- 10. Should an administrative/professional staff member desire to engage in Outside Activities, he/she must request approval by completing President's Office Form 32.

      2. Modification of Provisions of This Memorandum.

        1. No officer or employee of Purdue University is authorized to waive or modify any of the provisions of this memorandum or of Form 19A/P with regard to individual administrative/professional staff members except with the prior approval of the Board of Trustees or by the President of the University.

        2. By accepting appointment to the administrative/professional staff and executing Form 19A/P, each administrative/professional staff member agrees that all such modifications shall become a part of his/her employment agreement as of the date of such modification, provided that no modification shall reduce any salary except as stated in paragraph 9 D.

      3. Conflicts With Other Regulations. This memorandum supersedes all existing policies, rules, and regulations established or issued by or on behalf of the University which are in conflict herewith.

Arthur G. Hansen