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Buildings & Grounds Staff

Name Title Phone Email

Terry Ashlock

Senior Director for Building and Grounds


Ben Dispennett

Director, Building Services



Director, Grounds




Director, Building Operations & Energy Management


Shannel Randle

Financial Mgr, Buildings & Grounds


Kelli Stacey

Administrative Assistant, Buildings and Grounds


Grounds Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Vacant Director, Grounds 494-0139  
Vacant Grounds Main Contact 494-3087


Phil Richey Landscape Supervisor – Project 494-3089
Scott Helmkamp Landscape Supervisor – Maintenance 496-3718
Brooke Sammons Landscape Architect 494-3425
Tim Detzner Campus Arborist 494-3100
Wyatt Carmony Crew Chief, Street Operations 496-6650
Randy Drake Crew Chief, Refuse and Recycling 496-3326
Mark Fell Crew Chief, Landscape Maintenance 496-6536
Tim Freels Crew Chief, Pest Control 494-9223
Jacob Henry Crew Chief, Landscape Maintenance 496-6684
Jeff Woolard Crew Chief, Landscape Projects 494-0059

Building Services Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Ben Dispennett Director, Building Services 494-1425
Lou Elridge Secretary, Building Services 494-7105
Jeff Updike Secretary, Building Services 494-7105
Vivian Scott Day General Manager 494-7116
Jeff Nelson Day Shift Supervisor 494-9801
Howard Byers Training & Quality Assurance Coordinator 494-7115
Ian Anderson Day Shift Supervisor 494-7110
Micheal Lake Evening General Manager 494-5872
Terri Delp Evening Shift Supervisor 494-7117
Dennis Lindley Evening Shift Supervisor 494-7117
Dan Brooks Evening Shift Supervisor 494-7109
Jonathan Kim Evening Shift Supervisor 494-4702
David Miskin Night General Manager 494-7112
Chad Houston Night Shift Supervisor 494-1735
Richard Crawford Night Shift Supervisor 494-5127
Brandon White Night Shift Supervisor 494-7119
Jared Harrington Night Shift Supervisor 494-3913

Operations & Maintenance Staff – Central Shops

Name Title Phone Email
Kurt Stull Director, Operations and Maintenance

Dave Lucas Central Shops General Manager 494-9257
Teresa Remaly Secretary, Operations and Maintenance 494-1208
Chris Teague Electronics, Equipment Repair and Tool Crib Foreman 496-9641
Brian Ullrich Carpentry, Lock, and Sheetmetal Welding Foreman 494-4906
Dan Dunbar Electrical and Elevator Foreman 494-4881
Ralph Norton Refrigeration, Plumbing, and Steam Foreman 494-4888

Brian Wallar General Labor, Roofing, Masonry, and Painting Foreman 494-4904

Operations & Maintenance Staff – In-House Project Management

Bill King Manager of Planning and Scheduling 494-3137
Tim Burke Project Manager 496-2815
Joni Heidi Project Manager 496-1934
Eric Frost Project Manager 494-2044
Larry Morgan Jr. Planning and Coordination Specialist 494-7158

Operations & Maintenance Staff – Project Teams

Name Title Phone Email
Dave Lucas Project Teams General Manager 494-9257
Lew Graham In-House Construction Manager 494-3858
Steve Fader Manager of Scheduling and Planning 494-4405
Monte Brewer Project Team Supervisor 496-7840
Doug Edging Project Team Supervisor 494-8091
Pat McFadden Project Team Supervisor 494-4884

Operations & Maintenance Staff –Zones

Name Title Phone Email
Mark Wilson Zones General Manager – PFSB 494-6384
Rob Barr Zone 1 – BRWN 144 494-7645
John Robbins Zone 2 – PSYC B110 494-1773
Kyle Banter Zone 3 – MSEE BU02 494-7646
Dave Burford Zone 4 – STEW G23 494-9293
Dave Yanner Zone 5 – VPRB G32 494-2723
Mike Lane Zone 7 – Discovery Park/BRK 1128 494-1410
Jeff Morrison Zone 8 – BRNG B298 496-7687
John Duncan

Evening Zone – PFSB 1192