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Central Shops: Plumbing, Steam, Refrigeration and Heating

The Plumbing and Steam Shop supplies plumbing and steam services to University buildings as well as performing preventive maintenance on all plumbing related equipment in all of Purdue's facilities both on and off campus. 

Areas of responsibility include: maintaining drains, sewage ejector pumps, toilet fixtures, lab fixtures, steam supply lines, chilled water lines and fan coil units as well as domestic water heaters, softeners and excavating broken pipes.

Currently there are over 1,000 pressure vessels that are inspected yearly to meet state requirements and over 900 backflow-preventers that also require annual and semiannual certification for the state.

The Refrigeration and Heating Shop
performs a variety of cooling and heating related tasks which include: handling exotic gases used in laboratory equipment, certifying and preparing new laboratory refrigeration equipment prior to being placed into service and providing preventive maintenance in support of the stewardship mission of Physical Facilities. 

Decommissioning old refrigeration equipment and recovering the coolant is a major activity for the shop. The Refrigeration Shop uses state of the art software for maintaining EPA-mandated tracking records for various gases. 

The Heating mechanics maintain forced air heating equipment and furnaces in various campus buildings and residences.