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Central Shops: Paint

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The Paint Shop is a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining the physical environment of the interior and exterior of all academic campus buildings. This includes maintenance painting and wall-covering repair and installation in classrooms, corridors, laboratories, offices, restrooms, stairwells, and building exteriors.

In addition, the shop supports new construction projects and all self-supported entities such as Athletics and Housing and Food Services. They provide specialized services to academic departments for their research, equipment, and prototype projects and provide consulting services to other departments on coatings application, material selection, specifications, inspections, and project planning.

The Paint shop supports customers within Physical Facilities, Central Shops, Project Teams, and Zones, as well as many external customers. The shop operates an environmentally controlled spray booth for custom finishing of wood, cabinets, doors, trim, furniture, equipment, and fabricated metal work.

The paint shop has the ability to professionally custom match existing colors, finishes, and textures. Whenever feasible, spray-painting equipment is utilized on building projects to expedite the process. Wall-covering installations include paper, textiles, vinyl, laser prints, and wall-carpeting. 

The Shop works closely with the Police and Parking Services to promptly remove graffiti on campus buildings and structures.