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Central Shops: Masonry

The Mason Shop provides a variety of stonework and building material services which include the repair and maintenance of sidewalks and other concrete areas, the repair and maintenance of wall and floor ceramic tile and the repair and maintenance of plaster. The shop also performs the repair and or replacement of brick, limestone, mortar joints, and marble as well as the cleaning, sealing and preserving of all these materials.

The staff has the expertise necessary to level concrete floors and apply different types of epoxy coatings for the protection of a variety of surfaces. Other functions include the cutting of openings and installing of access panels in masonry surfaces to facilitate repairs and the removal of failed concrete followed by necessary repairs. Special equipment such as the sky climber, scaffolding, and man lifts are used to make exterior masonry repairs on tall buildings.

The shop also has the ability to apply various types of chemicals and sealants to protect surfaces from weather or human damage. The department works closely with the planning and engineering department to identify critical areas that require repair.