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Central Shops: Electronics and Telecommunications

Dave Burford, Supervisor

The Electronic Repair section of the Electronic Shop performs stewardship work on: class room lighting, radio transmitters, antennas, and all Operations & Maintenance portable and mobile 2-way radios and pagers.

The shop maintains and installs campus fire alarm, security and card access systems, reverse osmosis water systems, water softener systems, public address systems, scoreboards, other electronic devices for Athletics, and controls for emergency back-up battery units.

The Electronic Shop also performs repair work on various printed circuit boards, and low voltage control systems.

The Telecommunications section of the Electronic Shop performs stewardship tasks on over 500 telecommunications rooms and closets, tunnel and manhole maintenance. They also maintain and install all phone, data, and TV cables, including fiber-optic and copper, telecommunications and voice data networking systems.

The BTV technicians maintain the Boiler Television system which consists of over 9,000 TV outlets campus wide.