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Safety Overview

The major component of any job in Buildings and Grounds is always safety.

Safety is an ongoing process that each area of Buildings & Grounds incorporates into their daily routines. When we consider safety, we are referring to safety for Buildings and Grounds team members as well as safety for the entire University community.

Safety Committees

The different safety committees within Buildings & Grounds are actually sub-committees of the larger Physical Facilities Safety Committee which represents all areas of Physical Facilities.

As an aid to the ongoing Physical Facilities safety initiative, each area has a safety committee charged with the responsibility of promoting safety, reviewing safety issues and addressing safety concerns. The committees meet regularly to review various issues and discuss on-going safety matters.

Here are each area's safety committees and some of their recent projects:

  • The Grounds safety committee has provided safe driving tips and enhanced safety practices related to pesticide handling and refuse and recycling. This committee also implemented enhanced reflective markings on slow-moving vehicles and is working to revise safety policies regarding gas-powered equipment and machinery.
  • The Electrical safety committee routinely reviews problems related to both electrical service within buildings as well as the major high voltage distribution system. The committee also addresses training issues and updating code requirements related to work within the electrical trade.
  • The Zones/IAQ safety committee is comprised of team members from across the Zone maintenance and Indoor Air Quality shops. The Zones/IAQ safety committee has a long history of successful projects. The potential for serious injuries was greatly reduced as a result of their leadership project to significantly improve the adding of salt to the water softeners. The committee also addresses safety issues as they arise and makes suggestions as to corrective action.
  • The Central Shops/Project Teams safety committee is comprised of team members representing the Central Shops as well as Project teams. This committee meets monthly to review safety issues that are submitted through its team members. This committee has had great success with a number of leadership projects including monitoring ladders and scaffolding to ensure they are safe for use.
  • In Building Services there are two distinct committees, one each for the day shift and a combined committee for the evenings and night shifts. Some of the issues that the Building Services safety committee has dealt with are; researching and testing different types of safety footwear to be worn when working on slippery surfaces, safety vests, and ear protection when operating snow removal and floor care equipment. The committees have also been involved in developing safer methods for handling heavy loads such as trash bags, recycle containers and refuse. The committee has addressed training issues by developing visual aids to train new team members.