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Work Request Center

For information, call 49-49999.

The Work Request Center (WRC) performs a key role in managing work requests from start to finish for the Physical Facilities Buildings and Grounds organization.

Campus customers as well as staff within Physical Facilities may electronically submit minor requests up to $2,500. The requestor must have access to the OnePurdue system and have the Plant Maintenance departmental requestor role.

To obtain access individuals should contact their supervisor, business office, or training coordinator.

The WRC reviews the work request, verifies the work order for tracking all costs associated with the request, then electronically routes the request to the appropriate area (or areas) in Physical Facilities that will perform the work.

Once the work request is received in one or more areas within Buildings and Grounds, the Material Expediters play an integral role in procuring all the materials and/or external services that will be required to complete the job. These expediters have delegated purchasing authority from the Central Purchasing Office up to $10,000. This authority permits them to procure over 95 percent of materials and services needed to complete the work required of the Buildings and Grounds staff. The remaining five percent of requisitions must route to Purchasing for review and approval.

On an annual basis, over $30 million dollars worth of activity flow through the work orders monitored by the WRC. These expenditures flow through over 39,000 work orders that are established each year. In addition, approximately the same number of work orders are closed each year.


Additional Services

Requests for additional services (weekend lock or unlock times, special event support, clean-up, etc.) must be processed via a work order. All work orders must go through the Work Request Center. Please ensure all requests for weekend services are submitted no later than noon on the Thursday before to allow adequate time for scheduling.


Emergency Services

Building Services provides emergency clean-up services 24/7 in response to fire, flood, vandalism and accidents.

  • During business hours, call 49-47105.

  • After business hours, you can request emergency clean-up services through the Police Department at 49-48221.