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Recycling Tips

How can you help recycle and reduce the amount of trash at Purdue University?


  • Make double-sided copies
  • Use inter-campus mail envelopes; reuse other envelopes
  • Omit the cover sheet when using the fax; write information on the first page or use fax Post-its
  • Keep mailing lists current
  • Make scratch pad from used paper
  • Circulate memos, documents, periodicals, reports instead of making copies for everyone
  • Use e-mail or a quick phone call in lieu of written memos
  • Avoid printing e-mail messages
  • Post messages on electronic mail or on an exchange drive
  • Use spell check and print preview functions
  • Use rechargeable, reusable items wherever practical
  • Avoid ordering excess supplies that may never be used
  • Use a dry-erase board or chalkboard
  • Use desk-side recycling containers


  • Rent equipment that is only used occasionally
  • Purchase remanufactured office equipment
  • Order merchandise in bulk when it is cost effective
  • Purchase concentrates and products with minimal packaging
  • Reclaim reusable parts from old equipment
  • Send minutes from your meeting via e-mail or post minutes on exchange drives
  • Reduce size of library computer print-outs
  • Buy recyclable paper byproducts whenever possible

Residence Halls:

  • Use recycling bins
  • Recycle all cardboard and metal cans in the residence hall
  • Student Recycling Drop Locations

    Five locations provide convenient drop-off points for mixed recyclables:

      • TeleCom building at Second and University streets.
      • PRF parking lot at Fourth and Russell streets.
      • Purdue parking lot across from the Armory.
      • Intersection of David Ross Road and Tower Drive.

Campus Wide:

  • Use recycling bins wherever they are located

Unwanted Mail:

  • Stop unwanted mail by calling the phone number on the piece of mail and asking to be removed from their mailing list.