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Single-stream recycling and trash collection

The desk-side system

Physical Facilities has partnered with other organizations across the West Lafayette campus to launch a desk-side single-stream recycling and trash collection program.

This program allows all recyclables to be grouped into the large section of desk-side receptacles and all non-recyclable trash to be placed in the smaller, “side saddle” section, or vice versa. Placing all recyclables together (instead of separating white paper) is a common recycling practice called single-steam recycling.

The schedule for desk-side recycling and trash collection will stay the same: twice weekly.

Contact Physical Facilities Buildings and Grounds to obtain a blue, desk-side container. The order and delivery of the containers will take multiple days.

Questions may be directed to these offices:

  • Information on desk-side receptacles: Physical Facilities Buildings and Grounds at (765) 494-7107.
  • General recycling questions: Office of University Sustainability at (765) 494-2481.
  • Specific operational questions: Physical Facilities Buildings and Grounds at (765) 494-7107.


Desk-side recycling containers recycling containers

Step one

Assign the sides: Make one side of the desk-side container trash and the other side recycling.

Step two

Discard items: Determine if the item is recyclable or trash and place in the proper side. Use definitions below to make that determination.



Definitions of recyclables and trash

Recyclables Trash

All paper

  • White office paper
  • Glossy, brightly colored paper
  • Newspapers, ads, inserts
  • Magazines
  • Books, notebooks
  • Pamphlets, brochures

(e.g. pizza boxes)

Cans and bottles (liquids are acceptable)

All plastic

Food waste (e.g. banana peels and coffee grounds)

Snack wrappers (e.g. candy wrappers, energy bar wrappers and chip bags)

Facial tissues, napkins and restroom hand towels



Please use this guide as a quick reference.


Additional recycling and trash collection information


Trash containers

Some centrally-located trash containers will remain in common areas to collect trash (food waste, snack wrappers and facial issues, napkins and restroom hand towels).

recycling containers

Office paper containers

Receptacles for collecting office paper are located in areas that have historically generated higher volumes.

recycling containers