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Chris Kramer

Chirs Kramer is helping out - so should you! (2010)


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College of Engineering Jan 31st-Feb 6th, 2010

RecycleMania RecycleMania RecycleMania

Purdue Engineering Student Council and Purdue Engineering Fountain Society clean up after Mackey and overflow the recyclables dumpster! (2010)

Purdue Student Government Jan 24th-Jan 30th (2010)


Purdue Student Government's Display Case in Stewart highlighting their Events. They had thermometers to collect recyclables and a T-shirt trade to encourage reuse. They also had a clean our your office day where they helped staff and faculty clean out the paper in their office and provided extra recycling bins! PSG also helped clean up recyclables at Makey! (2010)

Clean up Clean Up

Stop the wasting of paper cups! Take a bottle wherever you go!


Boiler Green Inititive Jan 17-Jan 23rd, 2010

BGI Talk Give Bag Free Bottlesfree bags Mackey Mackey

Boiler Green Inititive showcased items made from recycled materials, handed out reusable bags donated by Payless, and gave away reusable bottles in hopes of educating others on the importance of recycling. They also cleaned up recyclable material at Mackey Stadium after 2 different basketball games. (2010)



Advertisement outside of Lilly Hall (2010)