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Project Teams provides construction services for projects typically valued at less than $50,000 to $75,000. Project teams are made up of five different skilled trades, including: electrical, plumbing, steam fitting, masonry and carpentry. The department is staffed with over thirty hourly employees, many who have achieved Journeyman or certified status in their respective crafts.

Our dedicated professional staff has the expertise to provide a fill range of construction services and has successfully built projects ranging from remodeling classrooms, offices and labs to installing a variety of mechanical systems throughout campus and our university farms.

Project Teams Contacts:

Dave Lucas Project Teams General Manager 494-9257
Teresa Remaly General contact for Operations and Maintenance 494-1208
Lew Graham In-House Construction Manager 494-3858
Steve Fader Manager of Scheduling and Planning 494-4405
Monte Brewer Project Team Supervisor 496-7840
Doug Edging Project Team Supervisor 494-8091
Pat McFadden Project Team Supervisor 494-4884